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יום ה׳, 04 ביולי


Location is TBD

Nachal Kaneh and the border between the shevatim

This is a nice hike through an area less traveled by the average tourists, though well known to locals. it is a bit further from Yerushalayim than usual. As such, those coming from the area will have to set out a bit earlier.

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Nachal Kaneh and the border between the shevatim
Nachal Kaneh and the border between the shevatim

זמן ומיקום

04 ביולי 2019, 9:00 – 12:00

Location is TBD

פרטי האירוע

Sites: Meeting by: Karnei Shomron

Time: The tour is approximately three hours long

Cost: Entrance fees by: none

Difficulty:* moderate- difficult. This field trip includes hiking. while it is mostly pretty level there is a slightly steep downhill a the beginning and steep uphill at the end. for anyone who hikes on a regular basis it will be no problem, but if not, then parts of it may be challenging.

To bring: it is recommended to bring along water, hat and closed sneakers for hiking.

*this hike is further from Jerusalem than most of the other hikes in this series. Being as it starts at the same time (9:00), it does require heading out earlier than usual.


Please note:

- Registration is Mandatory! There can be changes even up to the last minute and only those who have registered will be notified. As such, please register in advance for all tours you are interested in joining so as to avoid unfortunate miscommunications.

- Cost: all tours are guided on a tip only basis. This is so that no one will feel that they can't join because of budgetary concerns. (Tips help us keep our Torah Tours open to everyone, but no one will ask you to pay for the guiding, so either way we hope that everyone will feel comfortable joining us!)

- Entrance fees: There are occasional entrance fees that are generally noted in the description for each field trip.

- Transportation: We look forward to seeing you at the starting point :) Transportation is not provided so that we can keep costs down for you. Please note when registering if you have room for others, or need a ride, and where from. This is so that BS"D we can help facilitate rides for those who need. In this way you can play a part in helping others be able to come and learn!

- Please invite everyone you know! The more people the better, so anyone interested is welcome! The field trips are generally accompanied with a source sheet so that we can learn together on site- where the events took place. We stop along the way for mini-shiurim on topics relating to our journey.

*Difficulty level: There is a really wide spectrum of people interested in joining, and we hope that everyone BS"D can find the trips that most speak to them and fit their needs. if you have nay questions if a particular tour is fit for you please feel free to contact us. In general, tours are rated here where easy is fitting for those who can walk on and off for up to three hours on relatively level ground.

- Please contact us with any questions! we are really happy to help, so looking forward to hearing from you.

See you in the field :)


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