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If you moved to Israel and wish you knew the land better
and felt more connected
If you Want to
experience the events of the Torah coming to life…
If you want to join a
warm close-knit traveling community of Torah explorers…

You don’t want to miss this journey!!!

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Gedaliah Goldstein, the ‘guiding with the Tanach’ guru, presents:

The Journey of a Lifetime Torah tour series

These are not your standard tours in Israel!

You are about to depart on a journey that will bring the Tanach to life!

Together we will use as many senses as possible as we go on site where the events happened and try to experience them for ourselves.

The lay of the land, the locations of the sites, the ancient artifacts we will meet along the way, and at times even the plants growing there will all come together to share their story. Your story!

This unprecedented series will take you all over the land of the Tanach, with four days of traveling region by region all at an incredibly discounted price for those who save their spot right now! Space is limited, the first to sign up grab the discount and their place is reserved!

Expeditions: (please note, some sites may be changed as needed)


March 6th: The north east of the land of the Tanach


The first leg of our journey is to the North east of the country. We will try to understand what  challenges and opportunities  await those who control the great northern valley- Emek Yizrael, as well as its entry points and gateways. On our way we will get an amazing over view of the Jordan valley and Mt. Sartaba. We will gain a greater understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the regions by visiting sites such as  Mt. Gilboa and Bet-shean national park.

March 13th: The central mountains


This is another exciting journey that everyone always loves. It is simply a fascinating area  where we will literally travel through the heart land of the Tanach. This excursion will bring us up the way of the patriarchs to the area surrounding Schem. Here we will explore the fascinating Samartan society living on Mt. Grizim and Look out over one of the most fascinating finds in the whole region. 

March 20th: North part 2

As we continue to explore the north and west of the land, this excursion takes us to the North-western gateways of Israel. We will test the complexities put forth by the Carmel region at sites such as Yoqneam, the potential of the sea and the coastal route, along with an incredible look out from Rosh-hanikra. 


March 27th: The Negev of the Tanach adventure!

The series culminates with an incredible day in the negev desert! Here we will spend one day understanding and experiencing the nomadic lifestyle of the various desert dwellers that have frequented the region from the Tanach until today- including a Bedouin  tent experience. This is another unforgettable trip and an amazing way to complete this series together. 

All together throughout the series we will experience how the land of Israel itself has it’s own unique vantage point and each region has unique character traits that play its role. We will learn the code of the land and experience the events of the Tanach come to life!

Whether this is your first time touring with the Tanach or you have been doing it for years, this series is not to be missed!


This series will:

  • Help you to feel more connected to the land of Israel and  really know the land, and its different regions!

  • Open your eyes to a whole new way of traveling and experiencing the land of Israel!

  • Bring the Torah to life and allow you to really experience the events of the Tanach sprouting from the ground!

  • Bring you into our warm close knit traveling community!

  • Send you home refreshed, inspired, and looking forward for your next opportunity to head back out and continue your journey (and I’m sure that we will be a part of it BS”D :)

Tons of participants have come to travel and learn with the renowned tour guide and Jewish Educator Gedaliah Goldstein in class online and in the field! Tanach teachers and layman alike, men and women, have expressed how these methodologies and teachings have brought the Torah to life for them!

Gedaliah has learned from the experts in the field of Tanach and the land of Israel studies and bridges the two together in a unique fashion all from the vantage point of yiras shamayim!


A bit about me:

If your really want to know what we are about, here is a sneak peak into what we do and how it is received by our participants:


What's included?

  • Four full day guided tours! 

  • Nice, comfortable, airconditioned transportation throughout all days outside Jerusalem. 

  • All tours Head out from and return to Jerusalem (exact locations by email after signing up).

  • entrance and activity fees included!

  • Fascinating Bedouin experience

So how much does it cost???

You won’t believe the deal you are about to receive!

Value of tour on its own: 400 shekels per tour= 1600 shekels!

Bonus #1: Additional Half day walking tour that will help you see Jerusalem of the Tanach from a whole new vantage point (NOT your standard Tanach in Jerusalem tour)- generally costing 250 shekels added in FREE!

Bonus #2: Admissions pass to all the Israel national parks for an entire year! -  added in FREE!

Bonus #3: All course material including the course booklet nicely designed and printed- generally costing 150 shekels added in FREE!

Bonus #4: Want to remember what you experience and even go beyond the borders of Modern Israel to explore the rest of the lands of the Tanach??? Now you can- virtually! Complete online series encompassing the regions of the modern Israel plus relevant features of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Mesopotamia and a whole module on Ever Hayarden in modern Jordan! - generally costing 650 shekels added in FREE!

Bonus #5: Admission to our annual 'Tanach in it's land' virtual conference- generally costing 120 shekels added in FREE!

Total value of entire package: Over 2930 shekels!

Cost of the entire package after discountONLY 1450 shekels!


Beit Midrash Shetach on Derech Ha'avot
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