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תמונות מהשטח

צלם התנ"ך -The Biblical Photographer

Of late I have taken to traveling around The Land with Tanach in hand as usual but now with an addition... a camera! The goal is to bring the site to those who can't yet make it to there themselves (as best as possible, the best still learning on location :) Enjoy !

Ein  Gedi
Nachal Kfira
Emek Yizrael as seen from Mt. Gilboa
kever Shmuel Hanavi
Ein Charod
Jordan Crossing Site
Ein Yizrael
Givat Shaul (the real one)
View from The Biblical Givat Shaul
Mishkan Model
Tapuach Sedom- Petil Hamidbar
Shomron (the biblial city
Samaritan pascal offering site
Tel Sheva
Chevron Biblical era Stairway
City of David
Yours Truely :)
Chirbet quiafa (Sha'arayim?)
Vineyards of the Sorez valley
Burial Caves
Aquaduct to The Bet HAmikdash
Ein Gedi
The Dead Sea
View from Kever Shmuel Hanavi
Israel Torah Tours

Tzora Winery-ironic

Israel Torah Tours

The Southern Wall of The Temple MT.

Israel Torah Tours

In The Footsteps of a Tzadik- Reb Aryeh Levin

kever shmuel full panorama  with labels(
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