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If you moved to Israel and wish you knew the land better
and felt more connected

If you moved to Israel and
don't feel that your experience
in the land is what you dreamed it would be

Gedaliah Goldstein, the ‘guiding with the Tanach’ guru, presents the complete guide:

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Come learn which places will enhance your connection with the land of Israel, will give you that experience of the land that you searched for, which brought you here to begin with! The places that will help you put down roots here,
and help you really feel that you belong!

In addition, you will receive tools that will help you enjoy living in Israel during the day-to-day routine, to live a good community life, and to take advantage of all the amazing benefits of life in Israel.

Tons of participants have come to travel and learn with the renowned tour guide and Jewish Educator Gedaliah Goldstein in class online and in the field! Tanach teachers and layman alike, men and women, have expressed how these methodologies and teachings have brought the Torah to life for them!

Gedaliah has learned from the experts in the field of Tanach and the land of Israel studies and bridges the two together in a unique fashion all from the vantage point of yiras shamayim!


A bit about me:

  • Experience the excitement of having the events of the Torah sprout from the ground and come to life!

  • Feel healthier and refreshed by getting out, and experiencing new places and experiences!

  • Join our incredible, warm, close-knit community of Torah explorers traveling together in search of every little place that brings the pesukim of the Torah and their eternal messages to life!

  • Get the most of the amazing Zechus of living in the land of the Torah by exploring the land, it’s Torah, and its eternal messages! Feel the closeness of Hashem as you rekindle that deep love of Israel that brought you here to begin with! Join the Israel Torah Tour community!

  • Receive an invitation to our closed invitation only WhatsApp group with short weekly inspirational and exciting Israel Torah videos taken on site in the field!

This guide will help you

How it came about:

As a sought-after Tour guide and educator in the field of Tanach, I was asked by clients and participants which Tanach sites they just couldn’t afford miss! I organized my answers to them and put it all together for you in a nice e-book and even added a whole section of tools to help you stay connected to the land and really take full advantage of the opportunity to live in such a special place!

It felt like he was talking directly to me! We get so involved in day to day life we forget to really experience life in Israel! This E-book really inspired me to get out there again and enjoy the land!

David G.

Shalom Gedaliah!

I think it was about 2 years ago, pre-corona, that my husband and I went on one of your Friday tours to the Dead Sea area. We enjoyed it extremely and talk about it to this day.

Your attached e-book certainly accomplished what it set out to do - it made me want to put everything aside and go visit the sites you 

mentioned. I hope that I will get to do that one day.


Chaya Schwartz

Shalom, Gedaliah, Your book is very inspiring and motivating, Kol Hakavod! 

Rivka Farhi

 Hi Gedaliah, Your book is so inspiring, if you are doing tours, I would be interested. All the best,

Glenda Steiner

Beautiful e-book, Gedaliah! The writing is positive and encouraging, the ideas are inspiring and the pictures are lovely.


Daniel Vinik

Get your

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